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Radiodiagnosis Department Provides the assistance to clinician in diagnosis and treatment. The Departments has two parts. Radiographic part for X- Ray and related activities run by Radiodiagnosis Department. It is situated by the side of the Emergency Department for easy accessibility of the emergency as well as OPD and IPD patients and prompt services rendered by them. The other Imaging part is situated in the Ground floor of ENT & Eye OT complex, by the side of Blood Bank. The investigation charges are to be deposited in cash counter according to patient’s registration no and after investigation, the report can be collected by showing the receipt in the respective area concerned.

The Department consists of X-rays, Ultrasonography and Computerized Tomography rooms along with sitting arrangement for patients and stand by.

The services rendered by Radiodiagnosis Department:

  • X- Ray (Normal and Digital X-Rays) renders services (300 MA – 2 no, 500 MA – 2 no, Portable – 5 no, CR System – 1 no) round the clock
  • Ultrasonography with Doppler Study is done on routine basis by SonoAce – R7, Aloka Prosound SSD 350X, portable USG machine with curvilinear transducer
  • Computerised Tomography (Non-contrast and Contrast CT-Scan) by Phillips Brilliance 16 Slice Machine for round the clock
  • Interventional radiographic procedure by Ultrasound and CT- Scan guided procedures
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Non- Contrast And Contrast - MRI) by Seimens