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Departmental Laboratory

The Departmental Laboratory performs Teaching Purposes as well as Routine Diagnostic Tests. The test results are used for clinical management of patients. Well Trained and Certified Technologists perform the tests with state-of-the-art by automated analyzers. They perform manual microscopic and analytical procedures necessary to provide accurate test results. The faculties provide interpretation of test results.

The facilities provided by the Departmental Laboratories are:

  • The departmental Laboratories services are provided for all the week days except holidays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Teaching of undergraduate students in different Pre & Para Clinical Subjects
  • Educational development of faculties and Post Graduate Trainee
  • The laboratories support research and development of tests for sensitivity and specificity.
  • The sections also provide laboratory support to other clinical divisions for research
  • The section of Microbiology works closely with Infection Control staff, to maintain an active infection control program that covers all the hospital areas
  • The departmental laboratories serves along with the Central Laboratory
  • In addition, in Blood bank supports the medical and surgical management of the patients by blood and blood components separation