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Hostel and Mess

There are two five-story Boys’ Hostels (Hostel 1 & 2) and Three Girls’ Hostels (hostel 3 – four-story, hostel 4 – three-story and ABCD Block – three-story) provide accommodation of all semesters students. There are separate provisions for the quarantine of the Fresher Boys and Girls as per MCI criteria. The hostels are situated near to the hospital as well as from the departments and lecture halls for easy way to go for classes and clinics. Hostels are run by Hostel Welfare Committee.
The facilities provided in hostels are:

  • Each room is double sharing, with necessary articles for a student
  • Rooms are well ventilation with 24 hours electricity and with back up
  • Well maintained sanitation, round the clock mineral water supply for drinking and water in toilet complex for other day to day activities are provided
  • There are provision for recreation room and study room for the students in each hostel.
  • A Guest Room for the visitors during the visiting hours is provided in each hostel
  • Round the clock security services to the hostels
  • There are two well equipped running messes (one for all the Girls’ Hostel in Girls’ Hostel No – 4, One for all the Boys’ Hostel in Boys’ Hostel No – 2)
  • The messes are run by the mess managers elected by the students for a particular month. The mess manager is working under the supervision of the Hostel supervisor, wardens, Chief Warden, Principal and Authority
  • Mess Fee is deposited for whole of the year at the beginning of the session for fresher students and at the begging of the year for other semester students
  • The parent, guardians and visitors can meet a student on a particular visiting hour (4:00 PM to 6:00 PM). The hostel gates are closed by 7:30 PM
  • Students attendance is counted at night
  • Two Hostel attendants in Girls’ hostels are present for all Girls’ Hostels day to day necessary works
  • A Hostel Supervisor for all the hostels monitors all hostels activities regarding hostel development and mess
  • There are seven assistant hostel wardens to look after the Hostel related matters of their respective hostels and are working under the supervision of Chief Warden.
  • A new seven-story Girls’ Hostel is under construction.
  • A Residents Hostel provides 100% accommodation to the post graduate trainees, Junior Residents.