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CME 2013

Continuing Medical Education Programme conducted by Medical Education Unit, TMC, 2013.

1. 25.02.2014 Biochemistry Lecture Hall Paediatrics Paediatric Subnormal Intelligence: An Overview Dr. Jayanta Kr. Poddar
Psychiatry Attention Deficit Hyperkinetic Disorder Dr. Santanu Ghosh
2. 16.02.2013 Biochemistry Lecture Hall Surgery Pseudo Pancreatic cyst Faculties & doctors from Department of Surgery
Physiology Effect of asymptomatic Hypertension on left and right Ventricule-an echographic study Dr. Gudapati Bhanu
Radiodiagnosis 1. Our experience with 3D and 4D ultrasound
2. Interesting cases of C.T. Abdomen
Dr. Rajat Kanti Chakraborty
3. 20.04.2013 Biochemistry Lecture Hall Pharmacology 1.Introduction & Magnitude of the Rational Drug Therapy Problem
2.Common Patterns of Irrational Prescribing
3. Rational Drug Therapy-What should be Done?
1. Dr. Jupitor Chakma
2. Dr. Lakshman Das
3. Dr. Ranjib Ghosh
4. 18.05.2013 Biochemistry Lecture Hall Pathology Pathological approach & diagnosis of Hodgkins lymphoma Dr. D.P. Chakraborty
Medicine Echocardiography in diagnostic dilemma Dr. Soma Saha
5. 15.06.2013 Biochemistry Lecture Hall Biochemistry Dietary Management of Type-II Diabetes Mellitus Dr. Tapan Debnath
Dermatology An update on Urticaria & its Management Dr. Gautam Mazumder
6. 22.07.2013 Biochemistry Lecture Hall Psychiatry Dementia-Recent updates Dr. Ganajit Debbarma
7. 17.08.2013 Biochemistry Lecture Hall Paediatrics Is Child Survival An Unfinished Agenda?
Essential Newborn Care
Dr. C.M.Chhajer
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Preterm Labor Dr. Srimanti Pal & Dr. Subhaleena Debnath
8. 21.09.2013 Biochemistry Lecture Hall Community Medicine Comparative Cross-sectional studies of Environmental and Socio-economic status of the families of Dukli, UHTC area and Madhupur RHTC area Dr. L. Brajamohan
Microbiology AIDS and its modern Trends a) Dr. Pradip Kr. Das
b) Dr. Nilotpal Banerjee
c) Dr. Jayanta Debnath
9. 25.10.2013 Biochemistry Lecture Hall Ophthalmology Evolution of management of Cataract till date and what lies in future Dr. Gaining Lulu Kamei
ENT Balloon Sinuplasty-A new technique of Sinus Surgery Dr. Bidhan Das
10. 16.11.2013 Biochemistry Lecture Hall Orthopaedics Recent advances in Trauma and Arthritis management Dr. Rakesh Rajput
11. 18.11.2013 Biochemistry Lecture Hall Dentistry Tempero Mandibula Joint ankylosis and its Surgical management- few case reports Dr. Manik Saha